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Qi Gong

Private Class: Click here to book a private Qi Gong class.

Public Class: I also teach an online public qigong class every Tuesday at 8:30am ET. Contact me for details.

About Qi Gong


Qi Gong/Daoyin/NeiGong are only a few of many internal martial arts that has foundations in Taoism and Chinese cosmology. It consists of movements that are done with the breath to create optimal function. 


Practicing of these art forms helps one explore themselves in ways that only the breath can access. We can listen through the breath , we can feel through our breath. We can move through our breath. Being that we take in air through the lungs, We can influence other organs through our breath.


The breath gives access to our inner world. In Chinese medicine they say the Lungs regulate the Qi. Through steady practice ones can develop a sensibility of what is present within.  Conversations that only we can have with ourselves. The body has a language of it’s own. This practice is like learning a language and benefits one's ability to sensitize themselves to their subtle natures. The meridians of the body regulate energy that come in and out of the body. This system is constantly at work without us ever having to think about it. However once we begin to pay attention to it, we learn how it feels.


Through this present engagement we can see things shift and witness our return to our original self. Much of this process is actually remembering. As babies in our mother's womb in utero, we existed in a state of water. Everything was provided to us through our umbilical cord. This cord represents a connections to our source. When we are born the cord is cut however this connection to our source energy continues.


The Lower Dantien is located two fingers below the umbilicus & represents your source energy. With it's proximity to the umbilicus, some believe it represents the embryological remnants of where our energy was centered. This connection to source energy still exists and through cultivation and sensitizing we can begin to experience our lives in a more centered way.


Currently, our modern lives have us living very activated in our minds & disconnected from our internal world. Positioning our consciousness within our lower Dantien is where we begin our practice. 


Qi Gong is an internal Martial art where we can begin to develop more of a sensibility & insight to these aspects of ourselves. With consistent practice we begin a process of transformation. What we study becomes an extension of ourselves. We create a symbiotic relationship with Qi, in which we nourish it and it nourishes us. After sometime this internal relationship feels very real. An evolving conversation that opens us up to the realization of how endless our potential is.

Learning how we are constantly exchanging with the world allows us to begin to regulate how much we take on, how much we can receive & what we can let go/ hold onto. The more familiar we become with our inner world the more power we are able to cultivate to move through the outer world. How we receive the world & the energy we emit outwards is very important in our emotional regulation. 

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