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Essential Oils

Essential Oil Prescriptions are offered on a sliding scale. Click here to sign up!

I'm offering Essential Oils along with my acupuncture practice to help people live within their Heart. Essential Oils Combinations can be given separately from treatment as well. 


Essential oils, much like herbs, have multiple functions associated with them; they have affinities with the channels we use, tastes, nature and directionality. They open up portals in our subconscious that we don't have access to through our mind. They can be a reminder to our body/mind of something yet to come and bring into our being sides of ourselves we weren't yet aware of or forgot. What makes an "essential" oil essential is that it is the essence of the plant. The spirit of the plant. It takes hundreds of roses to make even an ounce of rose oil.


The aromatic and physical effects of the oils can influence our behavior and have potential to reduce stress in our lives. By using the specific essences of plants we are able to stimulate feelings in the mind of comfort, safety and relaxation. Through this approach of continually experiencing these emotions is how we can retrain, reestablish ourselves as fulfilled. The more positive experiences we can create for ourselves the more we are able to approach the challenging ones with ease. The goal is that when challenging emotions arise we will have less repulsion or aversion to them. Emotional self regulation becomes a reality within one's reach.


Essential oils can help people shift their perspective on things, work through unresolved emotions. And view the world with a renewed perspective untainted by our past experiences.

The sense of smell connects us to memories, associations and helps the brain create new pathways. 

Through this route, Essential oils provide us a return to our true nature as our nose is the orifice directly connected to the brain. 


The oils are prescribed in treatment and can be taken home to be used in a bath, in a diffuser, or as a roll-on.

Oils will be combined specifically to address your energetic diagnostic.


Here are a list of some of the emotional issues that I'm treating with oils:


-Nourishing the Heart and Calming the Spirit


-Calming the nervous system




-Regulating Energy in the Chest






-Difficulty expressing one's self




-Bereavement: period of isolation & not wanting to come out: depression


-Tendency to cry a lot




-Inability to access Joy, for those who require a lot of effort to experience happiness, Lack of 



-Overthinking about loss, grief, sadness


-Antidepressant/stress management








-Emotional Extremes-Anger, Rage, Exaggerated Joy


-Withdrawal/Isolation/bipolar/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)/depression


-Fatigue, Focus, Improved Productivity, Memory


-Cravings & Addictions

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