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"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

Taganyahu Swaby's experience working with trauma has been an extensive part of his career. In & outside of the clinic his focus has been on designing methods to alleviate trauma and addiction.  He specializes in pain management through his acupuncture practice at clinics in the five boroughs. Having had firsthand experience with autoimmune illnesses he has had success treating Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn's. Insomnia, Psoriasis, Excema, Menstrual Irregularities, Depression, Thyroid Issues, Digestive Disorders and more. Having worked with children for years & being a parent he has treated his children and other children.


Swaby began studying acupuncture after years of training Qi Gong and Tai Qi Chuan, two forms of internal martial arts that, along with acupuncture, share the principle of “qi,” or life force, as their foundation. His experience of cultivating “qi” inspired him to learn more about its healing applications. 


Alongside providing acupuncture treatment, Swaby empowers patients to heal themselves by teaching patients practices to be performed on their own time to improve their health and wellbeing.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese modality of medicine that has been practiced for thousands of years. Acupuncture is very relaxing and non-invasive. Acupuncture boosts the body’s immune system by gently triggering an autoimmune response through specifically-placed insertion of sterile needles in the body. Acupuncture provides excellent relief for pain, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia & sleep issues, skin disorders, vertigo, menstrual issues, depression, mental health issues, fertility, addictions and cravings, joint pain,  and many other ailments that would be too much to list here.  

Note: Due to COVID-19, all acupuncture sessions are through private sessions only. Please stay turned for details as to when the community acupuncture clinic will re-open. Click below to book a private session.

If you would like one-on-one treatment in a private setting, private acupuncture is for you. 


Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30-6pm ET


Have you had acupuncture before and felt that it benefited you? Want to share the gift of wellness with your friends and family? Taganyahu is now offering Acupuncture Gift Cards, available throughout the year!

The gift cards come in two types, Community Acupuncture and Private Acupuncture, at a discounted rate. You can purchase as many gift cards that you would like for your family and friends. It is recommended to come at least once or twice weekly once you’ve began getting treatments to see results.



$50 for 1 Community Acupuncture Session

$100 for 1 Private Acupuncture Session

Yang style Qi Gong with Taganyahu Swao will be a series of moving and stationary postures. The moving postures will open up the channels of energy that flow through the body. The stationary postures help to cultivate and build up the Qi. By bringing the awareness to one’s breath one will become aware of their Qi and develop the ability to cultivate it. The class will leave ones with a feeling of focus, relaxation and an overall sense of well-being. The slow gentle movements of Qi Gong can be easily adapted, even for the physically challenged and can be practiced by all age groups. 

Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am-10:30am

Location: 1120 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11225 (2nd Floor- Yoga Tribe Brooklyn)




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